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Untitled With less than 30% of your data residing in structured databases, there is a wealth of enterprise content that can be analyzed to surface new actionable insights and better anticipate, shape, and deliver business outcomes.

eContent empowers organizations to extract knowledge, discover new insights, and tap into the wealth of information available to them in their enterprise data, content, and the World Wide Web.

Helping organizations mine the world of unstructured data is at the core of eContent.

eContent’s unified content analytics and crawler framework leverages sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to help organizations uncover valuable insights trapped in emails, office documents, and Web documents, as well as rich media, such as voice, images and video.  

eContent provides organizations:

  • Deeper, more accurate analysis through powerful modeling tools and advanced classification schemas
  • Sentiment analysis technology that automatically detects the subjective nature of content and the entities contain within it, along with their tonality (positive, negative, neutral).
  • Interactive exploration and discovery to help users understand meaning in context while revealing patterns, unusual activity, and non-obvious, hidden relationships.
  • Feature-rich views and a user-friendly interface enables users to examine the content in real-time, helping them quickly zero in on unexpected insights and take action with higher degrees of confidence.
  • Interactive assessment for content preservation and decommissioning.  By facilitating the inventory and organization of content from multiple sources, eContent helps organizations understand the content resources they have and support more effective decisions about business value, relevance, disposition, and category schemes.


eContent content analytics is a multilingual advanced search and analytics platform with a powerful user interface that makes it a complete solution for any business and organization.  eContent’s main features include:

  • An advanced crawler framework that accesses and aggregates information from both internal and external data sources and content types.
  • Sophisticated Natural Language Processor that understands the meaning and context of human language and analyzes large volumes of unstructured information in order to discover knowledge that is relevant to an organization.
  • Designed for scalability, eContent delivers linear scalability though it’s flexible server configuration model.
  • Automatic language and character set detection, eContent is fundamentally language independent.
  • Sophisticated security that provides stringent safeguards to protect content from unauthorized access

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Organizations using eContent include: SoA Award Badge

  • Secret Service
  • Army G-4 and G-8
  • Customers and Border Patrol
  • Immigration and Customs
  • Military Intelligence – INSCOM
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • National Ground Intelligence Center – NGIC
  • Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army – OAA
  • Defense Spectrum Organization – DSO
  • Joint Information Environment – JIE