Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics services assist clients make information driven decisions by delivering actionable information that is timely and effective in meeting business objectives. Our unique approach in delivering data analytic services is based on a 4-step process that begins with problem definition. Datagain identifies the business goals and issues to be assessed and problems to be solved. Our professionals will then evaluate the available data in order to profile the sources of information and prepare for the data analysis phase. In the data analysis phase Datagain uses discovery techniques and statistical methods to provide meaningful information for monitoring, forecasting and risk management to improve an organizations operation. The fourth step is our data visualization phase were Datagain organizes the analytical results and information into a usable format for clients to visually understand the organizations performance and risk characteristics and gain valuable insights to improve operations. Data Analytics Capabilities

  • Benchmarking
  • Model development
  • Predictive analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Data integrity